The Mystery Thickens (The mysterious case of the missing bottles of wine)

Dear friend,

Would you please try and settle this with my majordomo.

Lots going on at the Studio, today—I am sure you understand.

Was a box of wine bottles brought into the house. I am not sure. I was in the kitchen cooking. I believe I do remember your sister saying something about a box of wine that she was or would be bringing in. That’s all I know.

Was that box brought into the house? Possibly.

Had it been brought to the house in the first place, could it have been returned to your place later on, in the confusion of all the many comings and goings. Quite possibly, too. Frankly, I do not know.

The way I look at it, if there were a box of wine bottles in the house, I am sure, as you put it, that it would have "to be there…somewhere" and that most certainly my majordomo would have found it by now. It’s not like the place is all that huge. Unless the box was stored in a "safe" place "out of the way"—I wouldn’t know—You would have to ask my majordomo about this.

Best of luck with the sleuthing.


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