Good help (is so hard to find)

No biggie, my friend, don't stress yourself about it.

Just have your majordomo get in touch with my majordomo (I think they are related).

I am sure that between the two of them, they ought to be able to sort this out and SEE TO IT that the right boxes of wines are in their proper places, and it will be as if nothing had ever happened.

I must confess (somewhat shamefacedly) that, with all the happenings over the weekend, I haven’t even yet gotten around taking a good look at that box, so I have no idea what’s in it—not even sure where it is right now (my majordomo will know.)

Whatever the content of the box is, I have little doubt that it is a fine selection, as usual. You really, really shouldn’t have—there was no need for this. You know you do spoil us, don't you?

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