AllHelGonaAfton Celebration

It's a Swedish thing...

So, do feel free to wear a flower wreath if you want to.

Or whatsoever happens to strike your fancy...

As usual, there will be food...

And — by popular demand:


The more, the merrier. So, by all means, please, do bring a bottle of your own favorite vodka to the table, if you feel like it—it doesn't have to be Swedish vodka. For the stickler for tradition, amongst us, I understand our host will have at least one bottle of Akvavit on hand for those who MUST have snaps.

Depending on the prevailing mood, and time permitting, there might be a game (or two) of Ultimate Werewolf.

Considering this is going to be a New Moon (the opposite of a Full Moon), expect a Wild Child and a White Wolf in the mix.


- What's a Werewolf Eye Cocktail?

- Do Blondes Have More Fun?

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