I see what you did there

In many ways, the game is kind of reminiscent of the Lone Wolf game-books series. Except that you get to play it with others.

Think of it, if you will, as a gathering of "lone wolves." All howling together.

Basically, Tales of The Arabian Nights is a boardgame that involves reading out loud.

A lot!

Along with some of your friends.

The good people of RPG.net do an excellent job here of describing some of the mechanics of the game:

And then someone else does some more reading:

And MORE reading:

Don't get me wrong, I think reading is great.

I reading.

I, too, have even been known, at times, to read a book or two or parts thereof with a dear friend.

But if you are going to be taking turn reading a book aloud along with a bunch of friends, or strangers—not that there is anything wrong with that, no one is judging you—wouldn't you be better off reading from the original (like the unexpurgated 10-volume set of Sir Richard Burton's magnum opus)?

Or renting the movie, or something?

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