The Mission

What can I say?

It's a tough mission, but somebody's gotta do it!


  1. How can 4 persons giving a thumbs up or down rating give the mission a 56% approval?

  2. The summary report is misleading. People can still rate a mission that they haven't completed. Their number doesn't get reflected in the tally of the people who completed the mission, but their thumbs-up or thumbs-down votes still affects the average rating.

  3. 56% that's a ratio of 14/25. Meaning that, at the very least, 25 players gave the mission a try. And 14 players liked it, and 11 didn't.

  4. A 14/25 ratio means that it could also just as easily have been that 50 players gave it a go (with 28 thumbs-up).

    Or 100 players (56 thumbs-up).

    Or one million (560,000 thumbs-up). Who knows?

    But 25 players seems more likely, considering only 4 players are showing as having completed the mission.

    It also does mean that out of 21 of those players who didn't complete the mission to the end, at least 10 of them gave the mission a thumbs-up.

  5. Sounds about right, except potentially for people who possibly may have elected not to cast a vote one way or the other, who would be unaccounted for.

  6. NOT SO FAST! As it turns out, Niantics does round up its percentages to the nearest whole percent. So when you see 56%, what it means is that the actual original percentage could be anything between 55.50% and 56.49%.

    If the actual number was, say, 55.55555555556, well, then, that would give leave us with a 5/9 ratio. That's 5 thumbs up and 4 thumbs down, for a total number of participants of 9 people (with 4 of them having actually completed the mission, and 5 abandoning it at one point or another before the end of the mission).

    So, the lowest possible number of participants for that 56% rating is actually 9 and not 25.