Oh, enough with all the testosterone, already!

I mean…


Is that really what the world needs, right now?

Yet again, another Man of Steel? Shitting marble?

Yeah, right, because "men of steel" have done such a stupendous stellar whopping job managing our world, thus far.

Why is it, let me ask you, that while women have made headway in the nation's boardrooms and science labs, and, in recent times, even in politics, they are yet to received any acknowledgement from Hollywood when it comes to the casting of top of the bill Marvel-Comics or DC-comics Super-heroes?

I swear to you, if I see another Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern, Batman, Spiderman, or whathaveyou "fill-in-the-blank"-man on meth, I am going to puke.

Same with the incredible Hulk.

What about featuring She-Hulk, for a change.

She certainly seems like less of a dullard than her male counterparts.

Anyhow, the grapevine telegraph has it that, for all the chest-thumping, these men of steel are not all what they have been cracked up to be.

No wonder they are shitting marble.

Or feel threatened by powerful women.

What do you say Hollywood?

What about giving superheroines a go at it, for a change?

What about a big production major motion picture of, say, POWER GIRL?

Right off the top of my head, I can think of a few actresses who would fit the bill just nicely.

Like—oh I don't know—Christina Hendricks, for instance:

Or, Scarlett Johansson:

Or, Kate Upton, perhaps?

What do you mean, can she act?

Why, what a mean-spirited condescending chauvinistic underhanded sexist thing to ask.

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