The Information Age

Sometimes, I am not so sure about that.

God help us all!

It has begun...

Coming soon to a dining table near you…

As usual, there will be food...

We are aiming for Saturday, March 9—noonish.

The Quest - Part 2

The quest for the unholy grail continues...

Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jone's "Lancelot at the Chapel of the Holy Grail" meets Luis Royo's "Subversive Beauty."

[To be continued . . .]

Who is your daddy?

BioShock Infinite, due to be released March 26, figures prominently on A.V. Club's 63 most anticipated entertainments of 2013:

Like for its predecessors in the series, all events portrayed in this latest release, are solely the product of Irrational Games' demented imagination.

Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or inanimate, is entirely coincidental.


From Molotov Cocktease... Dr. Mrs. the Monarch...

...enquiring mind wants to know:

How do they do it?

Everything is simple or not:

Tricks of the trade:

What do you say to a naked lady?

Nudity on RPG miniatures free polls 

I don't know. It is important to note that there is no right or wrong dress code, just so long as it fits a player's gaming style.

Or the character one is role-playing.

(And just so long as everybody is having fun, of course.)

As a GM, one would have to ask: how is that serving the narrative?

And, most importantly: how are the NPC reacting to the character?

Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me

I ordered this late at night, after I had one chocolate martini too many, and I thought I was just buying another title in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise to watch with my honey.

The Quest

The quest for the ultimate chocolate martini continues...

Credit: Sir Edward Coley Burne-Jone's "The Failure of Sir Gawain" meets Luis Royo's "Fallen Angels."

[To be continued . . .]

An inspiration to us all!

Her name is Annie Mist Thorisdottir (Thor's daughter), she comes from Iceland. And she is the fittest woman on earth.

It's called resistance training.

And it's good for you!

But then again, so is lounging at the bar...


I guess I'd better start hitting the gym!

Thank you for the present.