Remember, remember!

The fifth of November...

Today is Guy Fawkes Day.

It is also National Men-Make-Dinner Day.

I kid you not !

You know what to do…

Ingress: Rule of acquisition number 7

CMU, Ingress's in-game store currency, stands for "Chaotic Matter Units."

At $9.99 for 15,000 CMU, Niantic is bound to make quite a profit, if enough players go for it. And you know what the saying is about a fool and his money.

I guess, it was just a (chaotic) matter of time before it happened. I am just surprised they didn't do it sooner. Perhaps Niantic was just waiting to become independent from Google (which happened just about 3 months ago.)

Now that Niantic is an independent company, Ingress has to make it on its own as a profit-making game.

Being an exploratory and promotional tool for Google can no longer be its "raison d'être" now, can it?

Or did you really think that Chaotic Matter was real, and that some benevolent aliens were really out there to help humankind out of the goodness of their hearts?

It's called rule of acquisition number 7.

Look it up: