Ingress: Rise of the Machines

If you ask me, General Grievous and his like are a bore...

But then again, perhaps not as much of a bore as some of the so-called "humans" I've met in the field.

Truth is L1 to L8 is an adventure. It really is, it's a revelation and an exploration. It's fresh, open and exciting!

L9 through L16, however, from what I've been able to observe, has had a tendency to devolve into little more than a pissing contest amongst mostly white Anglo-Saxon males in their 40's, who get a kick at comparing the size of their...APs.

Oh, puh-leeze, put your mobile operating system away, guys. Nobody really cares about the size of your AP.

And no, I have no interest in your Farm, either.

Do I look like a farmer to you?

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