The Problem with Ingress

It's ruining my Zen thing, man!

The Company You Keep




I've been thinking about that, of late. A lot!

Anyway, my friends made me do it: I've joined the Green faction.

(I feel like such a dork—hopefully no one will recognize me behind my green spectacles.)

To be, or not to be

By the look of it, the game is set so that the followers of either faction can spin their own mythos any which way they want so they can feel they are on the right side, ideologically speaking. As it turns out, statistically, only half of the players chose a team based on the in-game storyline, anyway—the other half defers to other more practical determining factors.

Ideologically speaking, if this were something other than make-believe, one would be hard-pressed to make a choice. I imagine the Nuremberg Code would have to be of some relevance, here.

One way to look at it, subjecting uninformed populations to the influence of Exotic Matter (which is what theoretically is done in Ingress, in terms of game mechanics, when "mind-units" are "captured" within a green triangle field) without the informed consent of those populations is tantamount to, say, adding a foreign substance like LSD or DMT to the drinking water without people's knowledge.

BUT THEN AGAIN, it could be as easily argued that considering that the majority of the people in question is already brainwashed by the Man (I mean, can we really speak of "informed consent," when people are led unknowingly into military and/or economic ventures they understand nothing about?), maybe a good dose of LSD or Ayahuasca (or... NZT, anyone?) in the drinking water is something that, maybe, the world could use, after all—who knows?

See? I just argued both sides of the (same?) coin.

This reminds me of a Bertrand Russell quote:

"To be perfectly intelligible one must be inaccurate, and to be perfectly accurate, one must be unintelligible."

But I Ingress...


I’d like to say that my Enlightened decision was made after laborious study, weighing up all the pros & cons and only after I fully understood what was at stake (so to speak…)

It all happened so quickly! Honestly, I didn’t even think it would go further than a light perusal of the app, after which I was sure to delete.

But there it was a simple question…

On deeper click…

At the time Resistance seemed to feel old, tired and closed minded. The Enlightened seem to at least be aiming for something better…

I’ve converted our bass player to green. He said it felt just like Watchmen, where you know the right decision is Rorschach, but the pretty girls are always at Veidt’s…

On the bight side, at least we’ll be the first to know if it’s Xanadu or a cookbook, right?

— R. O.

Do Not Follow The White Light

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God save us all!

Is it bad that I just ordered the third volume in the series?

It's a rather curious thing. It's not like the story is all that good, really. And neither is the writing.

But, for some reason, I am strangely addicted to it.

(It's not all that bad either, obviously, otherwise I wouldn't be reading it, I suppose. So, there must be something to it.)

It could be that the main character reminds me of someone I know.

2-hour Puff, Pass & Paint class - all art supplies included; 21 +

Sounds like fun, right?

Yeah, well, unfortunately, you'd have to go all the way to Denver, Colorado, for that one, my friends.

Oh, pooh!

I know, Californians are no fun.

It's a real shame, too: The fact is there is a positive link between creativity and mood-altering substances.

Oh, well. I guess, we'll just have to stick with wine and canvas, for now.

Summer is over!

Traffic is horrendous—everywhere you go!!!


Mind and Body

Why do some people get sick and others don't?

It's a legitimate question!

And no small part of what made Playboy magazine and its great articles such a huge success back in the 80's—or so I have been told.

Anyway, here is wishing you a speedy recovery, my friend—you know who you are.

(I wish I could lay my hands on that tantalizing article on the cover of the magazine, but, alas, it is nowhere to be found on the internet. Plenty of articles about the women of the armed forces, and Linda Ronstadt, though.)

Guitar Hero 2014, anyone?


No mention whatsoever of Guitar Hero at E3 2014 (´・・`) ?!

The rumor is that a new game is still in development, so there is some hope still that a franchise reboot will be announced—maybe after Summer?

Idiocracy was NOT supposed to be a "how-to" tutorial

Or was it, now?

It's been an insidious trend for quite some time—that has now become full-blown.

Witness, Arianna Huffington's take on the Huffington Post (one online news aggregator amongst many):

Personally, I think it's just awful.

It's awful for people to be manipulated/coerced into a situation where they are expected to waste their time watching and listening to some talking-head telling them what one could have rapidly read instead in easily one tenth of the time it takes to watch the stupid video.

Spitting Images

The resemblance is uncanny:

I am in love!

Ah! I finally got around to seeing it.

And I am in love!

I am in love with Tilda Swinton, of course—but then again, I have always been.

The woman is a cross between a pixie and an angel.

But, more precisely, I am in love with the whole movie:

This might quite possibly be Jim Jarmusch’s best movie (I say “possibly,” because I haven’t seen them all), it is, in any case, most definitely the best movie by him that I’ve seen, and, certainly, the best movie I’ve seen in quite a long time.

It's gonna rain

Collie Ryan: It's Gonna Rain (1973)

I come here for the music

Besides, the hostess is an old acquaintance of mine.

The one who cares too much about what others think will always feel and be victim to the constraints of convention

That's not you!

Try the thing you've been thinking about. It won't go right the first time, so try it several times.

- Holiday Mathis (03-13-2014)