Trust the NSA


Warning! The following is Security Clearance ULTRAVIOLET! If you are of lower clearance and read any further it will be considered treason, and you will be executed! Have a fantastic day!

Oh, enough with all the testosterone, already!

I mean…


Is that really what the world needs, right now?

Yet again, another Man of Steel? Shitting marble?

Yeah, right, because "men of steel" have done such a stupendous stellar whopping job managing our world, thus far.

Why is it, let me ask you, that while women have made headway in the nation's boardrooms and science labs, and, in recent times, even in politics, they are yet to received any acknowledgement from Hollywood when it comes to the casting of top of the bill Marvel-Comics or DC-comics Super-heroes?

I swear to you, if I see another Captain America, Thor, Green Lantern, Batman, Spiderman, or whathaveyou "fill-in-the-blank"-man on meth, I am going to puke.

Same with the incredible Hulk.

What about featuring She-Hulk, for a change.

She certainly seems like less of a dullard than her male counterparts.

Anyhow, the grapevine telegraph has it that, for all the chest-thumping, these men of steel are not all what they have been cracked up to be.

No wonder they are shitting marble.

Or feel threatened by powerful women.

What do you say Hollywood?

What about giving superheroines a go at it, for a change?

What about a big production major motion picture of, say, POWER GIRL?

Right off the top of my head, I can think of a few actresses who would fit the bill just nicely.

Like—oh I don't know—Christina Hendricks, for instance:

Or, Scarlett Johansson:

Or, Kate Upton, perhaps?

What do you mean, can she act?

Why, what a mean-spirited condescending chauvinistic underhanded sexist thing to ask.

How To Humble The Critics


The internet has not been kind to film critics (or their wannabe contemporary equivalent), of late.

Their shortcomings have been exposed and revealed for all to see in a most unflattering light: The prejudices and the tunnel-vision, the lack of integrity and intellectual laziness, the grudges and petty personal vendettas, the allegiance and subservience to certain power in Hollywood, the malice aforethought towards anyone or anything who is not part of the club, not to mention, of course, the hubris (it comes with the territory), have been showing.

The character of Mr. Farber, from M. Night Shyamalan's Lady in the Water (picture above) comes to mind.

Of most recent date, and in a long string of hits and misses, the critics overall cluelessness to what made Now You See Me the sleeper summer hit it proved out to be, is a testimony to the growing irrelevance of the would be critics, and, most of all, and blissfully so, the inconsequence of their pronouncements.

It's a cruel turn of events, when people are no longer laughing with you, but are, actually, laughing at you.

Witness Brian Ross's hilarious, and merciless take on that very topic:

All in all, it's not so much that critics are dimwits—though many of them are (Yes, that means you, Peter Travers, and, you, Lou Lumenick, you sordid little men.) Or that critics are just simply out of touch, like the above post seems to suggest (Yes, that means you, Brent Lang.) Or that critics can no longer see the forest, for the trees—many of them can. It's just, I think, that their original mission would be better served if maybe they ceased to be the shameless propagandists they appear to have become (the proselytizing, on the part of the film critics community, for Zero Dark Thirty is, in that regard, still fresh in everyone's mind), and returned instead to the primary calling of the profession.

I don't know. Going back to the basics, perhaps, would be a good start:

Whatever the market will bear

That's right, little Timmy.

Here, at Disneyland, we like to refer to it as "the invisible fairy of the market."

It's part of the four basic laws of supply and demand

Do you know what the four basic laws of supply and demand are, boys and girls?

Overcrowding has been forcing Disneyland and Disney' s California Adventure theme parks to turn people away at the gates.

What else could be done, but increase prices to $92 per ticket?

Or, if it were to come to it, $100. Or more.

Anyone, class?

We are the Daleks your mother warned you about