God Doesn't Play Dice

And neither do apes, sir.

We do play cards, however!

Why, there is that study out there. It says that chimpanzees not only get very close to the human sense of fairness (insert laugh track), but, as it turns out, we may actually have exactly the same preferences as your own species.

It's still all a matter of conjunctures and opinions, of course.

They say that She's a gambler, you know...

I mean, God.

Me? Why, I would never presume.

It is not my place to speculate, sir.

The way I heard it:

In any case, this strikes me like as good a time as any to inquire...if the gentleman or the gentlelady do not mind my asking, that is.

I am talking POKER NIGHT!

Have the gentlemen or the gentleladies given any thought yet as to what would constitute a proper day of the week, and time?

The games would take place at the usual place.

And, as usual, there would be food, of course.

Saturday, January 26th, 2013 - 8:00 PM

Be there or be square!

Don't make us come and get you, now...

We know where you live.

There will be food!

And most definitely some birthday cake in honor of the many Capricorns, amongst us this year, who are celebrating their birthday in January.

Black Milk