This is the Key of the Kingdom

This is the Key of the Kingdom:
In that Kingdom is a city;
In that city is a town;
In that town there is a street;
In that street there winds a lane;
In that lane there is a yard;
In that yard there is a house;
In that house there waits a room;
In that room an empty table;
And on that table a Piecaken
A Cake of Sweet Pies:

   Of Pies, of Pies;
   A Cake of Sweet Pies

Pies in a cake;
Cake on the table;
Table in the chamber;
Chamber in the house;
House in the weedy yard;
Yard in the winding lane;
Lane in the broad street;
Street in the high town;
Town in the city;
City in the Kingdom—
This is the Key of the Kingdom.
   Of the kingdom this is the key.


T'is an old nursery rhyme, you know...

I just like cake, that's all.

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  1. Je suis très flatté! Merci beaucoup mon ami! Rx, SM